Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Summer Home Love

 Good morning, friends!  I'm excited to welcome you to my blog and share some easy ways to decorate your home for summer.

 In the spring I participated in a fun home tour with a diverse bunch of talented bloggers.  Today we're back!  I'm sharing how I gave a few areas in my house a lighter look for the warmer months.

 If you're visiting from Creekwood Hill, hello!  I'm so happy you stopped by.

 I've added a few seasonal touches to the kitchen.  I love cooking with fresh herbs.  I like to keep a planter with oregano on my counter to clip and add to whatever I'm cooking.  The greenery livens up this area and keeps my kitchen smelling fresh.
 During the summer months we usually start our day with fruit and yogurt.

Nothing fancy!  This is easy when you don't want to cook.

 The shelf in my kitchen is used to display a few of my favorite pitchers.
I love to collect them and group a few together.

They can also be filled with fresh flowers.
I added hot pink and white peonies for a summery touch.
I keep the basket filled with fruit to encourage healthy snacking!

Heading through the doors is our garage turned bedroom.

  Our bedroom is filled with plants and flowers.  Plants are an inexpressive way to decorate your home for summer.

Pink peonies smell so fragrant.

 I like to switch out the candles for a favorite summer scent.

This fragrance smells sweet and pleasant long after the candle is put out.

 I added a few more patterned pillows to my couch.

Pillows are an effortless way to update your space for summer.  The floral pillow is a nice accent.

I clipped a few flowers from the yard and stuck them in a vase on my desk.  If your yard is full of greenery, take advantage and create a free arrangement.

Thank you so much for following along.  Next up on the tour is Farmhouse For Five.

Below is the entire list of participating bloggers.  Be sure to head over to see some amazing inspiration.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Summer in Style Outdoor Edition

Today I'm joining a talented bunch of bloggers for a Summer in Style Outdoor Edition- blog hop, hosted by Chic Little House.  We're all sharing our favorite outdoor spaces and I hope you enjoy the tour.

Ahh, summer!  It's such a beautiful time of the year.  I love spending time outdoors, sitting here on the porch as the sun comes up.  I also enjoy sitting on the porch watching the rain.  It's very soothing to me.

Our small porch area is also a nice spot to enjoy breakfast, before it gets too hot during the day.

This area used to be our garage.  We recently had it converted to a living space.  We added shutters to the windows to create a cohesive look.

I have always loved the charming look of window planters.  They make a great first impression as we pull into the driveway.

I planted a combination of white vincas, ajuga(carpet bugleweed) and Sprenger's asparagus fern.  Hopefully they'll continue to fill in nicely as the season progresses.
Our front door is painted Down Pipe by Farrow & Ball(matched to Sherwin Williams paint).  It's such a welcoming color.

The porch is accented with planters on either side of the door.  I've had these planters for years.  I gave them a fresh, new look with spray paint.

Every year I switch out the annuals planted around the dwarf cedar.

This year I planted a mix of white vincas, ornamental cabbage, dusty miller and Mexican Heather.  Healthy plants really brighten up the porch.

I tossed my dingy old door mat and replaced it with a new one.  I love the layered look.

My hydrangeas are blooming!  I'm looking forward to cutting a few to bring inside.

That concludes my tour.  I hope you enjoyed your visit.  Please continue the blog hop by visiting Newlywoodwards.  The rest of the ladies are tagged below. Be sure to stop by their blogs to be inspired.

 WEDNESDAY 6/7 Cassie Bustamante and Seeking Alexi 

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Tasty Ways to Enjoy Breakfast at Home

I love to cook for my family.  I enjoy watching my kids light up as they enjoy something I've made.  Helping my mom and dad out in the kitchen is where I first learned the basics.

Cooking gives me the chance to be creative.  I enjoy taking pictures of the meals I successfully created.  It's fun to look back!

Today I'm rounding up breakfast ideas and sharing some of my favorites.  Hopefully you'll be inspired to start your day off with one of these morning meals.
Sometimes simple is best!  Fresh fruit makes for a healthy breakfast.

Try topping your cereal with sliced bananas and strawberries.

As far as cereal goes, I love the texture of Chex and Shredded Wheat.  Adding in the cut up fruit is a game changer.  It really improves the taste.

Frozen waffles are quick and easy, drizzled with your favorite syrup.  In the chillier months, pumpkin-flavored syrup is delightful.

On the weekends when I have more time and our mornings aren't so rushed, I make a big breakfast.

A stack of big, fluffy, blueberry-filled pancakes are a wonderful treat.
I wanted to make something sweet for my husband on Valentine's Day.  Using a heart shaped mold, I surprised him with these pancakes and he loved it!

*Bonus points if you cut your fruit into heart shaped pieces!

My family goes crazy for homemade French toast.  The next time you make it, try blending a couple bananas into the batter.  The difference is so flavorful.

Strawberry shortcake waffles are like eating breakfast for dessert,  which is totally acceptable!  Who doesn't like waffles with strawberries and whipped cream?

Breakfast in bed is a great morning surprise!  I kept it simple with eggs and fruit.  If you put forth the effort, your loved one will appreciate you.

A mix of cantaloupe and honeydew is a refreshing way to start your day.  It's a colorful fruit salad perfect for summer when it's too hot to cook.

When the weather is nice, consider eating outside.  We like to eat on the deck in our backyard.  I light candles, turn the music on and we relax while we eat.

When the foliage is lush and green, our backyard feels like an outdoor cafe.

Your table is the heart of your home.  In addition to the meals we eat, we have meaningful conversations.  Memories are made here!

I look forward to making breakfast and eating with my family.  What are your fondest memories at the table?